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The Chrysalis Institute is a 501(c)3 non profit corporation located near Mariposa, CA. The Institute, deeply concerned about the global environmental crisis and the unsustainable state of human technological and economic institutions, believes that sustainable change can best be enacted by addressing global needs in the context of local educational, artistic, technological and environmental projects.

Some of our Projects
Below is a list of our current projects

Some of our projects include:
KRYS Community Radio. KRYS, a local community radio project.
Mariposa Playhouse. A community theatre company
New Era Alliance. A community support group
Mountain Spirit. An online community magazine
Carter Ranch Music Festival. A two day outdoor music event.
Mariposa Community Garden Project. A collaborative endeavor to establish a community garden.
Five Rivers Bardic Arts  Collective. An association of artists, writers, dancers, musicians, theater artists, filmmakers, photographers, crafters, performance artists and lovers of the arts based in downtown Sacramento, California                                 

Current Events
Events happening for the week of April 21 - 27 2013

Friday      - 9 pm - The Dr. Insomniac Show on KRYS Radio
Saturday  - 4 pm - New Era Alliance meeting - One Light Meeting Room
                  - 7 pm - Slainté - Pan-Celtic Music on KRYS Radio
                  - 8 pm - Carter Ranch Jamz with Adam Finney on KRYS Radio
                  - 9 pm - The Dr. Insomniac show with Tom Pimentel on KRYS Radio
Sunday    - 6 pm - Fire in the Head show on KRYS Radio
                  - 7 pm - Feeling Field with Patrick Scott Edwards on KRYS Radio

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For those interested in volunteering for any of our projects, please contact us for information.

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